Specialized Creative, LLC is a highly skilled web design company which specializes in creating outstanding web sites. Prices start at $9,000. Our quality is unmatched.

What we do

We design fresh, visually appealing websites for small businesses, schools, churches and individuals. Websites start at $9,000.

We also have a proven track record of creating captivating logos and other graphic design pieces that are great for building and maintaining the image of your organization or brand.

Who we are

Steve Feld is the founder and manager of Specialized Creative, LLC and has been skillfully designing web sites for nearly fifteen years.

3 Key Reasons to Work With Us

We are professionals in every sense of the word.

In an age where seemingly more people than not have casually dabbled in web page or graphic design, we can confidently assert that we’ve mastered our craft. With nearly fifteen years of web and graphic design experience, we’re able to consistently produce web sites that truly make your organization look every bit as professional and cutting edge as it really is – and then some.

Virtually all of our sites are built using the WordPress Platform.

Sites that are built using the WordPress platform are uncommonly user friendly and allow everyday people to make updates and changes to their web sites. This can result in substantial cost savings over time since it can mean that less ongoing support is required from a web designer. However, we’re certainly available and willing to provide ongoing support to our clients for reasonable rates.

We’re stable and so is our ongoing support.

We’ve been designing websites and logos for nearly fifteen years and we don’t intend to stop anytime soon. It’s been shown that most businesses fail within their first year, and selecting a business or individual without a proven history of design can be a terrible gamble. All too often we’ve talked with clients who had previously selected an unproven designer only to have that designer abandon their project in the middle of construction, or soon after. It’s often exponentially more costly and complicated to have one designer start a project and to then have a second designer finish it, than it is to have one reliable designer handle the entire project along with any ongoing maintenance. Building a solid, long term relationship with your web designer is vitally important.